Motor Kit Activites

This kit involves motor activites, from building to playing with different items.
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Threading (lacing activity)

Lace string through holes! Helps with lacing shoes and fine motor skills

Spinner Top

Spin the top and catch it when you hear the word 'catch'!

Clothespin Matching

Match clothespin onto board according to color or pull clothes pins off and put into a finished container! Cognitive Skills, fine Motor Skills

Chain Links

Motor skills for hand-eye coordination, & communication: red link with red link , how many chain, follow the pattern, etc.

Communication Kit Activites

This kit involves communicating with others through learning with flashcards. These flash cards involve stories, gestures, emotions, and more!
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Story Flashcards (Home)

The child will be given various flashcards with differnet pictures (animals, people, scenarios, and more) to form a short story.

Story Flashcards (School)

This will have various pictures with school activities, from packing the bag for school to doing assignments with ease!

Emotion Flashcards

Sort pictures of children by their emotional experssion. Receptive Communication, Cognitive Skills, Imitation.

Sensory Kit Activites

This kit involves sensory actions to improve responsiveness, recognition, and touch!
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Sensory Brush

Help desensitize children with Sensory Processing Disorder who are sensitive in touch, enhancing self-regulation and decreasing anxiety!

Texture Tray

This contains a tray of various textures to help identifiy and feel different types of materials.

Spinner Toy

Small soccer-ball spinner to relate toys to real-life items and practice spinning and maintaining balls!

Fidget Toy

Rubber fidget toy with small threads to bend and play with!

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