Bridging the digital and physical world of at-home therapy,
one kit at a time.

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Videos & Custom Kits

Combining the virtual and physical world for children with autism
    AUesome’s vision is to simplify the at-home therapy process for parents of children with autism by combining a physical play kit with an app that serves as an accompanying training tool for the activities in the kit. Please check our Video Page for our current features and for more updates!


Custom Kits

Includes activities to boost your cognitive and communication skills. Activies progress in difficulty based on your age.


Virutal Tutorials

Instructional videos for parents and children that accompanies kit activities. Our app (coming soon) will also have games.


Preliminary Survey

Coming Soon! We're working with doctors and therapists to create preliminary surveys to assess the best kit for you.


Combining the virtual and physical world for children with autism.

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App with Games!

Our app includes a variety of games that provide cognitive training for children with autism. Based on market research with autism educators, doctors, and parents, we have chosen games that train speech capabilities, visual cues, word recognition, memory and attention, and some fine motor skills. Currently, our vidoes are on our video site.

Kits coming to your doorstep

Our physical kit will include various sensory and spatial games that involve toys like LEGO ® DUPLO ®, puzzles, yarn, beads, and flashcards. These toys are designed to target fine motor skills. Custom kits will be sent out periodically and will be modified as the user advances in the app.



Our software will determine the best games for each child based on a preliminary diagnostic survey to gague the child's developmental needs. The user's progress will be recorded on the app with our performance tracker and users will be rewarded as they improve. Difficulty of games will change based on the child's ability. Additionally, parents have the opportunity to customize what items they receive in their play kits.


Support & Contact

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Get the App and Custom Kits!

Unfortunately, our app is not released yet! Please check our Video Page for our current features and for more updates!

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